Episode art: Four Years of the Bandhive Podcast
Four Years of the Bandhive Podcast

It’s hard to believe that we’ve made it to 200 episodes over the past four years, but here we are!

Even more mind boggling is the fact that the world shut down for two of those four years, yet live music is back and bigger than ever before.

Join us for this special episode of the Bandhive Podcast as Matt and I reminisce on our favorite episodes and industry-changing news over the last four years!

What you’ll learn:

  • What changes we’ve seen in the industry since we launched the podcast
  • How touring has changed in the last few years
  • Why live streaming shows are a thing of the past
  • Our ten favorite interviews on the Bandhive Podcast
  • Why these interviews are important for you to hear
  • Lessons learned over 4 years of the podcast
  • How to suggest guests for the show
  • The big news we’ve observed during the last 4 years
  • How you can get on the road now if you want to!

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