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How Musicians Can Earn Money During The COVID-19 Crisis 

The global pandemic we’re currently experiencing has cost millions of people their jobs. Entire industries have shut down, including our own live music industry. Every single tour in the country has been canceled or rescheduled. Musicians without day jobs have lost their main source of income. Musicians who rely on day jobs may or may not still have those day jobs. Almost 40 million people in the US are unemployed. But, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost – there are still ways to earn money, both as a musician or in other areas, that could help you stay afloat…

Getting Started With Marketing For Your Band 

Marketing is a topic that many bands overlook when they record and release an album or EP… But marketing for bands is one of the absolutely necessary items with any release. You’re literally wasting your money if you just drop a release online and do nothing to promote it, before or after the release.

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