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As a sound engineer, one of the best things in any workday is discovering that a band has a correct, up to date stage plot. See, the difference between a good show and a great show often comes down to preparation. A key aspect of this preparation is having a stage plot and input list. […]

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Everyone says that your band needs to be more active on social media – and they're not wrong. But what can you post?

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There are three vital questions that factor into ANY tour, and DIY tours are no exception. Don't get caught sleeping, plan your next tour!

The global pandemic we’re currently experiencing has cost millions of people their jobs. Entire industries have shut down, including our own live music industry. Every single tour in the country has been canceled or rescheduled. Musicians without day jobs have lost their main source of income. Musicians who rely on day jobs may or may […]

Marketing is a topic that many bands overlook when they record and release an album or EP… But marketing for bands is one of the absolutely necessary items with any release. You're literally wasting your money if you just drop a release online and do nothing to promote it, before or after the release.

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