One Band, 25 Years and Counting: Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!

It’s not often that a band celebrates their 25th anniversary – it’s a special milestone for any business, but especially in the music world it’s truly incredible.

Ballyhoo! is one of the lucky few that has made it to this milestone, and they’ve done it based on the commitment, sacrifices, and pure drive of their members.

Howi Spangler, singer and guitarist of Ballyhoo!, joins us on today’s episode to discuss the band’s longevity, adapting to COVID-19, and how they have managed to make a living as creatives.

Listen now to learn more about Howi and Ballyhoo! and find out what you can do to grow your own business into a great career!

What you’ll learn:

  • What Ballyhoo! did to adapt to live streaming when the pandemic began
  • Why Ballyhoo! started hosting an annual Hoolloween show
  • How adaptation is one of the keys of Howi and Ballyhoo!’s long-term success
  • How you can monetize your band’s live streams
  • Why you should build a community for your fans
  • What Howi attribute’s to the longevity of his career
  • Why taking risks within reason is necessary for your business
  • Why changing your sound needs to be natural – but you shouldn’t be afraid of losing fans
  • How to become a successful artist or creative
  • Why you should just do it – start planning a live stream for your band today!

Listen now!

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