The Reality of Life on The Road

As a DIY artist, you may have been on the road for half your life or you may be a total rookie…

Either way, there’s a lot you can learn to make your life easier on the road!

While it might not end up being as comfortable as the rockstars are on private tour buses, #vanlife can still be made a lot better by following some tips and not making mistakes others have made.

Join us as we chat about the true meaning of life on the road, from small DIY tours to the big bus tours you dream of playing!

What you’ll learn:

  • What to expect when you hit the road for the first time
  • How you can avoid many mistakes that DIY bands tend to make
  • What differences there are between “pro” touring and DIY touring
  • What your goals should be when you plan a tour
  • Why you should be aware of priorities other people have when touring
  • Why you can never let your emotions get away from you when dealing with people in the industry
  • What you might not expect to learn about touring
  • Why you need to be realistic with your touring performance
  • What mental or physical tolls touring can have no you
  • Why you should always be prepared for unexpected events
  • How you can be mentally prepared for a day on the road

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