Episode art: Band Dynamics and Growth: Troy Millette on Authenticity and Opportunity in Music
Band Dynamics and Growth: Troy Millette on Authenticity and Opportunity in Music

It takes a lot to keep one project going for over a decade – and even more to do so while being known as one of the nicest people in the music scene.

Troy Millette has managed to do both. Not only has he made amazing friends along the way, he’s become known as one of Vermont’s leading artists. He even played 143 shows during 2022, that’s 2.75 shows per week, on average!

So how can you build up what Troy has built? Listen now to learn the tricks of the trade that Troy has employed throughout his lengthy career!

What you’ll learn:

  • Making the transition from solo project to full band
  • Why it’s important to have genuine friendships with your bandmates
  • Spilling the beans on shows before they are announced
  • The key to getting invited to open for Jackson Browne
  • Why being flexible gets you the return invite
  • Negotiating pay for your shows
  • How you can grow your network to get better opportunities
  • Being a Go-Giver to create more opportunities for those around you
  • The advantage of being honest when venues ask for your draw
  • Splitting the definitions between “different” and “bad”

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