Episode art: International Touring As a DIY Band: Just Do It! | John Ryan of Keep Flying
International Touring As a DIY Band: Just Do It! | John Ryan of Keep Flying

Last time John Ryan was on the show, we talked about Keep Flying’s relentless touring schedule, fan acquisition methods, and targeting the right demographics.

A few months ago, Keep Flying went on their first international tour of the UK. John has been to the UK many times as a tour manager and crew member, but only once before for his own music – 15 years ago.

Planning an international tour is quite different from a tour of your homeland, involving acquiring visas, renting/borrowing gear, and countless other factors.

Listen now to learn about international touring as an independent artist from tour manager extraordinaire, John Ryan of Keep Flying!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why we love planning tours
  • Who Keep Flying is
  • Planning and running an international tour as a DIY band
  • How a canceled flight turned out to be a good thing for Keep Flying
  • It’s time: just do the thing! Whatever it is you want to do, figure it out
  • Working with a promoter vs. booking your own shows
  • Touring and personal finance
  • Getting visas for international touring
  • Driving a van in the UK
  • Looking towards personal growth in all aspects of your life

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