Episode art: What Can an Artist Manager Do for You? | Matt Bacon of Dropout Media
What Can an Artist Manager Do for You? | Matt Bacon of Dropout Media

Matt Bacon is a jack of all trades – but that title isn’t followed by the typical “master of none” caveat. Matt does lots of things, and he does them really well.

In the past we’ve talked to Matt about record labels and Facebook ads. This week on the show, we’re talking about artist management.

Are you ready to hire a manager for your band? Would a manager even be able to help you?

Listen now to learn about artist management, how to attract a manager, and when you’re truly ready for management!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you already know Matt Bacon
  • What an artist manager does for their clients
  • The artist/manager hierarchy
  • Determining what each artist needs from a manager
  • Which tasks an artist needs to focus on if they don’t have a team
  • Authenticity as a band
  • Putting your audience first
  • How to present live photos and content without looking cringe
  • Telling stories by constructing a narrative – vs. letting people make their own
  • When a legitimate manager will reach out to you
  • Working within the vision a manager has for you
  • How to get new opportunities for your band

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