Episode art: Spotify Royalties: Myth Vs Reality
Spotify Royalties: Myth Vs Reality

Spotify pays less than half a cent per stream, on average. That’s incredibly low…

What’s not understood about their payouts, though, is that “doubling the royalty” simply isn’t possible. Not without doubling pricing – which I’m in support of.

Listen now to learn why Spotify can’t just change their royalty payouts, and how you can use Spotify as intended – a powerful promotional tool for your music!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re wrong about Spotify
  • Why musicians need Spotify
  • The math behind a sale vs. the streams needed to break even
  • The reason major artists get barely anything from Spotify
  • Using Spotify as a free marketing tool
  • How Spotify can increase royalty payouts
  • Using Spotify to your advantage as an independent musician
  • The problem with people who complain about Spotify royalties but won’t pay more

Calculate your sales vs. streams breakeven now!

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