Episode art: Setting Yourself up for Smooth Sailing | Stephen Pell of ICONAC
Setting Yourself up for Smooth Sailing | Stephen Pell of ICONAC

Most bands ignore finance and business practices when they start out, which is fine for a hobbyist… But if you hope to someday “make it” you need to pay attention from day one.

After all, no one wants to end up making big moves and then owing thousands to their tax authority because they didn’t report a small amount of income 5 years ago. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them – until it does.

This week on the podcast, accountant and author Stephen Pell shares his knowledge of finance for bands so you can avoid straying into hazardous territory.

Listen now to learn about business management, debt, taxes, and how to improve your creativity by having a solid financial plan!

What you’ll learn:

  • How Stephen’s passion for business management started
  • The difference between an artist manager, a business manager, and an accountant
  • Prioritizing your purchases as a band
  • Why going into large amounts of debt is a terrible idea
  • Pay. Your. Taxes.
  • Why properly reporting your income is incredibly important
  • Budgeting for your band’s expenses
  • Using structure and methodology to focus on your creativity
  • Paying yourself without overpaying yourself
  • Where to find Stephen’s new book

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