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At Bandhive, we know how personal music is. Music is part of who you are, and that’s never going to change.

To help you grow your band into a recognizable brand, we offer coaching and consulting to meet your needs.

Let us help you find your place in the music world!


Running a band isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem. It’s a grind that can take decades before getting real traction.

But, it doesn’t have to be so extremely frustrating. If you want to get tips to help you navigate the music industry, take a listen to the Bandhive Podcast – you never know what you’ll learn!

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Every Band Should Be on Patreon: Ty Christian of Lords of the Trident
Ty Christian, vocalist and founding member of Lords Of The Trident, joins us today to share his Patreon experience and advice with you!
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From Self-producing Artist to Full-time Producer: Todd Barriage of Theatria
Listen now to learn how you can become a better producer for your own music, as well as go full time in a creative field!
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Setting Your Goals for Success | Connor Frost of Dizzy Bats
Connor Frost of Dizzy Bats joins us to talk about overcoming your fears and setting effective goals. Listen now to learn what steps you should take to plan your career!

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