The Pains and Gains of Rebranding: Why We Did It

Everything about rebranding is a hassle. You have to get new graphics, a new website, tell everyone about the change, etc. etc. – the list is literally endless.

But even with all that hassle, rebranding can be a highly effective move if you aren’t being recognized using your current name.

We’re rebranding to Bandhive so our name is easier to remember and spell, and less outdated-sounding.

Matt’s band Alive In Barcelona used to be called “The Persevering Promise” but they had a problem – people couldn’t read their name without thinking “The Preserving Promise”, let alone remember the name.

In the first six months after changing the name to Alive In Barcelona, Matt and his bandmates made more progress than in six years as The Persevering Promise.

If your name doesn’t seem to be catching on, it might be time for a change. Listen to this episode of the Bandhive Podcast now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • What our name change means for the Bandhive community
  • Why branding matters for you as much as it does for us
  • Why we decided to change our name to Bandhive
  • How you can learn from all the guests who have joined the podcast
  • How Matt’s band, Alive In Barcelona, took advantage of rebranding
  • Why rebranding to Alive In Barcelona was the right choice for Matt’s band
  • How being objective helps you make hard decisions
  • How rebranding lead to more progress in six months than the previous six years for Alive In Barcelona

Listen now!

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