Creating Unique Music Memorabilia for Each of Your Fans | Aaron Zimmer of Leesta Vall Sound Recordings

In a time when music seems to become more and more of a commodity, one group is fighting back.

Led by Aaron Zimmer, Leesta Vall Sound Recordings works with artists to create one of a kind, lathe cut records for fans.

The records capture a unique moment in time, created specifically for each person who ordered a copy.

Selling a copy of a song that only one person will ever have might seem counterintuitive, but look at it this way: you’re nurturing your relationships with fans who are willing to spend money on a physical copy of a single song.

These are your most valuable fans, so anything you can do to grow that relationship is a leap in the right direction.

Learn more about nurturing your relationship with your fans and how you can create one of a kind records as a unique piece of memorabilia for your fans!

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can capture a unique moment in time for your fans
  • What Aaron and his team are doing to help artists during lockdown
  • How to release one of a kind records for your fans (without buying a lathe and cutting 5,000 practice records)
  • Why your music shouldn’t be your main selling point
  • What the two most important habits are for an artist
  • Why Leesta Vall considers artists their customers, instead of the fans who purchase records
  • How creating memorabilia for your fans helps you grow a relationship with them

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