How To Make Your Band Stand Out Using Tactics The Major Labels Have Mastered – With Infinite Signal

Releasing an album or EP is one of the biggest moments in a band’s career. Many successful artists release ten to twenty albums over their career, while others release a handful or less.

Some bands, like Rammstein, may go over a decade without releasing new music… Yet others seem to release an album practically every year or two.

What all established artists have in common, though, is that they have a well thought out marketing plan for their music to ensure it performs as well as it possibly can.

Not only that, but they probably didn’t post about being in the studio when they were actually in the studio.

Instead, they held onto that content and shared it at the right time to give their release a proper push.

This is exactly what Infinite Signal did to promote their new EP, Love Me Not, and the results have already paid for themselves.

Listen now to find out how you can follow in Infinite Signal’s footsteps and have a successful DIY album launch!

What you’ll learn:

  • How Infinite Signal was able to pull off a professional marketing campaign with a DIY budget
  • How being prepared going into the studio allowed Infinite Signal to come in under budget
  • Why cutting 90% of the songs you write is necessary for a great release
  • What consistency does to create momentum for your release
  • Why you should not consider DIY to mean do everything yourself
  • How setting reasonable sales goals for merch and tickets helped Infinite Signal plan their budget
  • How having lighting for their show allowed Infinite Signal to attract more attention
  • Why Infinite Signal created a process with set steps to ensure an efficient and timely setup
  • What’s next for the band and why they are keeping up with their promotional efforts
  • What the most important thing for releasing an album is

Listen now!

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