How To Provide A High-Value Live Stream To Your Fans | Ryan Cohen of Robot Dog Studio

Tens of thousands of artists worldwide have started streaming during the global lockdown.

Millions of people watched those streams. But they’re getting burned out.

They’re burned out by low quality, crappy sounding streams put on by people who don’t know how to set up a camera. 

They’re burned out by artists who stream every day, with no advanced notice or real purpose for the stream.

So what can you do to make your live stream not suck? Listen now to find out from Ryan Cohen of Robot Dog Studio who has helped artists put on dozens of live streams since the pandemic hit.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Ryan got started with live streaming for bands
  • How outsourcing and delegation make streaming easier
  • Why interaction during a stream is important
  • What steps bands should take for a successful live stream
  • How Ryan markets his live streams
  • Why Facebook crossposting is an important tool in your arsenal
  • How to harness Ryan’s #1 tip for live streaming

Listen now!

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