How We Can Fight For Racial Justice In The Rock Scene | Brandon Cunningham's Story

A few weeks ago, I saw an amazing Facebook post that really struck me.

Not because it was funny, or drama-filled, or anything like that. It wasn’t a “normal” Facebook post.

It was Brandon Cunningham’s post about being a Black man who likes rock music.

It made me realize that, as much as systemic racism is an issue, it’s almost ignored in the rock world.

Many bands are making statements that they are allies, and that’s great – but how many BIPOC are in rock bands? We’re talking about a genre that was created by Black artists. Yet now Black artists are almost non-existent in the rock world.

Listen now to hear Brandon’s thoughts about bringing change in the rock scene and beyond, and how allies can help bring change to the world.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Generation Z is the generation who will create change
  • How the police force is rooted in systemic racism
  • How white artists (and the music industry) stole rock music from Black artists
  • What contributed to the best show Kawaii AF has ever played
  • How a group started to help people was turned into a gang by the government
  • Why we should not make a spectacle of Black artists in the rock world (instead, normalize their presence)
  • Why hip hop won’t be the next genre stolen from its creators
  • How people have reacted to Brandon’s presence in the rock scene
  • How the next generation of Black artists can overcome limitations imposed on them
  • Why we should never stop learning

Listen now!

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