Red Flags You Can't Ignore When Booking Shows | Booking Your First Gig

If you’re just starting your musical career, it can be overwhelming to get out there.

In fact, you’re probably being pulled in a million different directions.

“Do I release a song? Play a show? Start a mailing list? Set up a website?”

Let us help you make that a bit easier for you: in this episode we’re talking about booking a show as well as red flags to look out for when dealing with venue talent buyers, promoters, and others.

The best part is, most of what we’re discussing applies to live streams too, so even during the pandemic this episode will be helpful to you!

Listen now to learn how you can find a show that’s a great fit for your music and the audience so you blend right in, while avoiding common rookie mistakes.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can get your first show booking
  • What makes talent buyers want to book your band
  • Why you should focus on a few shows rather than taking any show you can get
  • What to look out for when working with venues and promoters
  • Why you should have the money talk before confirming a show (even if you’re playing for $0)
  • How live show principles apply to live streaming during the pandemic (and anytime)
  • Why you need to promote shows and live streams to build your audience

Listen now!

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