How You Can Get More Shows Outside Your Hometown

As a band who is either just starting out, or trying to expand the areas they play in, it can be difficult to find shows in new cities.

Obviously the more you build up your network and establish your name, the easier it gets…

But what if you have virtually zero presence in a city?

Listen now to out how you can harness a few techniques to get shows in cities you’ve never been to, and how you can make sure people will come to the show as well.

What you’ll learn:

  • What you need to understand about planning your first tour
  • What steps you can take to build your fanbase in new markets
  • Why you shouldn’t play an area too often
  • How to find venues and artists that are a good fit for you
  • Why DMing someone on Instagram is not a good way to bail on a show
  • How you can get media opportunities for your band
  • How you can increase day of show ticket sales
  • What makes your band stand out to venues once a show is booked
  • How you can earn an extra $100+ per show
  • What the long term benefits of paying out other bands are
  • Why you should take in information, and then figure out what works for you and what doesn’t

Listen now!

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