Episode art: Building a Legacy by Giving Back | Troy Millette & The Fire Below
Building a Legacy by Giving Back | Troy Millette & The Fire Below

We’ve only had a small number of guests on the show multiple times – and I can count three-peats on one hand. This week I’m stoked to welcome back Troy Millette of The Fire Below for his third appearance!

This time, we’re going to talk about Troy’s annual holiday benefit concert, Home for the Holidays. He’s been hosting the event for a whopping eleven years, showing that giving back is a huge part of who he is.

Are you eager to make a difference in your own community? Listen now to learn how you can launch and grow a benefit concert or series of your own!

What you’ll learn:

  • Building a benefit concert series as part of your artist brand
  • Scaling your events over a decade to create continuing growth
  • How Troy is going to The Good Place with one good deed per year
  • Treating others in the music scene with respect and care
  • Earning your opportunities – and not screwing them up
  • Why promoting the shows you play is incredibly important
  • Supporting small venues by marketing your shows effectively
  • How to start your own benefit series!

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