Episode art: This One Move Makes People NEVER Want to Book You Again
This One Move Makes People NEVER Want to Book You Again

In this episode I’m fired up because, shockingly, I discovered a local musician who has little to no respect for their fellow artists.

This episode is a lesson in etiquette when you're invited to play a show.

Promotion is key in the world of live music, and not promoting a show you’re playing is a slap in the face to everyone else on the bill, as well as the venue.

What happens when you decide to ignore this advice? Well, you burn bridges.

That’s because the value of music is subjective. In the context of live music, the value is in how many people you bring, not how good your music is.

Listen now to learn how you can avoid burning bridges and take steps to protect yourself from lazy, rude locals who don’t care about your show!

P.S. enjoy my Glenn Fricker impression…

What you’ll learn:

  • What to do when someone asks you to play their show
  • How to promote your shows
  • Why you need to promote every show you play
  • Bad behavior burns bridges
  • Adding value to the shows you play
  • Why your music is not valuable in the context of live music
  • Making openers agree to a radius clause for any show you play
  • Who this episode is about
  • Protecting yourself from the artists who don’t care about etiquette

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