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Booking and Playing 150+ Shows a Year (While Working a Day Job): Troy Millette and The Fire Below

Being a one-man-show can be difficult. Now throw in a band where you’re the only one running the business, and things get even more complicated.

But, it’s not impossible – that’s exactly what Troy Millette is doing with his band, The Fire Below.

Not only did the band play almost 200 shows in 2019, they played 50 live streams and socially distanced shows in the past year… More shows than many DIY artists play in a “regular” year.

Listen now to hear how Troy does it, all while keeping his cool and being a positive influence on the music industry!

What you’ll learn:

  • How Troy’s band moved from a modular band to a solid act
  • What Troy did to stay relevant during the pandemic
  • How to handle a mountain of emails
  • Why a tight-knit community is a benefit for artists
  • How booking shows has changed since before the pandemic
  • Why Van Halen’s infamous “no brown M&Ms” clause was a good idea
  • How Troy stays organized when playing 50 to 200 shows a year
  • Why having a shared band calendar is vital to your business
  • How to keep your audience’s attention between songs
  • Why the energy of a live show is vital to your career
  • How to avoid burnout as an artist

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