Episode art: Getting Creative With Marketing | Brian LaClair of Better Things
Getting Creative With Marketing | Brian LaClair of Better Things

Sometimes the best guests are right in front of your nose… I’m ashamed to say it’s taken 204 episodes to get my long time friend Brian LaClair of Better Things on the show.

There’s a silver lining, though, because this interview has perfect timing – we dive deep into the creative digital marketing techniques Brian and Better Things are using for their long-awaited reunion show.

Listen now to learn how you can get creative with your marketing efforts to bring more people out to your shows on a consistent basis!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why James no longer manages bands (hint: it’s Brian’s fault)
  • How Better Things began their career as a band
  • Planning your first show in six years – at the state’s best venue
  • Building a lineup for a massive comeback show
  • Using creative promotion to generate awareness of your shows
  • Humor in marketing? Yes, please!
  • Why images with lots of text are terrible for social media posts
  • Understanding why venues rely on artists to bring their fans
  • The perks of saving your best content for your archive

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