Episode art: $5 for a Show Is Too Cheap, Genius
$5 for a Show Is Too Cheap, Genius

Let me tell you now, no one gets excited for a $5 show.

I’d rather play a free show than any show with a $10 (or under) ticket. Playing ridiculously cheap shows just makes a band look bad, as if they are desperate and don’t feel they are worthy of payment.

A free show, on the other hand, can be marketed as a special event, a treat, or even a party. Everyone can imagine having a good time there, while a $3 show will drive people away with the thought “they can’t be any good!”

Listen now to learn why it’s important to pay attention to ticket prices for any show you play, and how you can negotiate with promoters!

What you’ll learn:

  • The downfalls of a cheap show
  • Why touring bands deserve more than a $5 ticket
  • How to frame shows in your mind
  • Normalizing higher ticket prices for local shows
  • Setting ticket prices the smart way
  • Creative ways of increasing revenues
  • Finding venues who value your music
  • Protecting your band from sketchy promoters
  • Varying price points by venue type
  • Negotiating ticket prices for your band

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