How Perseverance Pays Off – Meet Aaron Gingras and James Cross

DIY artists come from many different backgrounds…

Some of us have extensive backgrounds in the music business and are trying to launch our own music careers.

Others no experience at all, just raw talent from years of practicing their instruments.

But there’s room in the music business for everyone!

Join Aaron and James as they discuss their beginnings in the music business and some tips for artists to build a successful band.

What you’ll learn:

  • What motivated Aaron to begin his journey in music
  • Why bands should work hard and persevere rather than expecting overnight success
  • How mental bandwidth and personal sacrifice can be vital to managing your own band
  • Why having a positive outlook can boost your band
  • How James got his start in the music business
  • Why taking over someone’s job duties can lead to great opportunities
  • Why priorities changed for both hosts during their studies
  • Why marketing is important, and why it isn’t the only thing you should focus on
  • How Bandhive is designed to help you
  • Why the “1,000 true fans” model could change your career

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