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Setting Your Goals for Success | Connor Frost of Dizzy Bats

How do you know if your music career is going in the right direction?

Do you have a plan of action that outlines what you want to accomplish over the next few years?

Are you constantly refining and tweaking that plan as time goes on?

If not, then it's possible that your goals for your music career are either too vague or non-existent.

Connor Frost of Dizzy Bats joins us this week to talk about overcoming your fears and setting effective goals. Listen now to learn what steps you should take to plan your career!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why learning experiences are important to a career
  • How to make your band appealing to a manager or label
  • How to reach your goals consistently
  • Why DIY doesn’t mean “do it yourself, always”
  • How to overcome your fears of releasing music
  • How to define good goals
  • Why time-management is a loaded term
  • How to become a better artist by constantly learning
  • Why coaching might be the right fit for you

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