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Want to Tour in 2023? Start Planning Now!

A ton of artists are already working on their spring and summer 2023 tours. If you want to hit the road, now is the time to start planning!

There are two very important steps to take before you start reaching out to venues and promoters…

Don’t skip them, or you will regret it later. You could end up broke, on the opposite side of the country, or worse in debt for who knows how much.

Listen now to learn about planning a tour and the two most important steps to take before booking any shows!

What you’ll learn:

  • When to start planning your next tour
  • Why getting a head start on touring plans is vital to your budget
  • The financial pitfalls of booking your tour too late
  • How to absolutely destroy your tour budget
  • A profitable DIY tour… Exists?
  • Don’t make one venue pay for that crazy long drive, average it out!
  • How to plan a successful tour

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