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What Does It Cost to Go on Tour?

It’s a common question: “how much will it cost to go on tour?”

There’s no real answer to this. There are practically infinite factors that go into planning a tour – but the good news is I can share a rough baseline of the costs with you.

Join me in breaking down a basic budget for a one-week DIY tour so you can have a better understanding of the investment you’ll need to make to hit the road. Listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • The answer to “how much does touring cost?”
  • The basic categories of a tour budget
  • Calculating gas expenses for your tour
  • What a “per diem” is
  • How much you should invest in marketing shows
  • What affects a DIY band’s touring budget
  • The biggest costs you’ll face on the road
  • What you need to make a tour profitable
  • How to break even on tour

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