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DIY Bands… Tours… PROFIT? | The Writhers

Touring is a huge part of the music industry, but it's also notoriously difficult to make money. Most DIY bands lose their shirts when they go on their first tour.

The Writhers were able to do something most DIY artists dream of: go on a profitable tour. They were able to not only cover all of their costs, but actually turn a profit by being smart with their money. This week they joined us on the show and discussed their tour so you can do the same thing four your band!

You don't have to be famous or sell thousands of albums before you go on your first tour – listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • How The Writhers went on an 11-day DIY tour and turned a profit
  • Why some cities just don’t work (but others do)
  • What goes into deciding to tour
  • Comparing yourself to the right bands
  • How to choose the cities and venues you want to return to in the future
  • Strategies for collecting emails at your shows
  • What could go wrong on tour – and lessons learned
  • Preparing food for your tour
  • Finding reliable promoters
  • What you need to know before touring

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