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Losing $11,000 on Tour… What NOT to Do

Touring is a huge part of the music industry, but it can be one of the most expensive aspects of your career. If you're not careful with your money and don’t have a budget in place, you could find yourself losing thousands on a tour that could have been profitable

You've probably seen someone lose their shirt on an unprofitable tour before. It's sad to see people who are passionate about music throw away so much hard work and money because they didn't know how to manage their finances as musicians. 

Listen now to learn how you can create a realistic tour budget for a successful run so you don’t end up with massive losses like Pomplamoose did!

What you’ll learn:

  • How not to run your tour
  • What to plan for in your tour budget
  • Why it’s important to know how much you spent… And earned
  • How to handle crew expenses
  • Where to draw the line between personal expenses and tour expenses
  • Why buying a tour vehicle might be better than renting
  • Which expenses are way too easy to underestimate
  • How to make sure you have a profitable tour
  • Why the people who have systems, budgets, and a plan are those who succeed
  • How to get the big picture for your next tour

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