Episode art: Todd Barriage on Taking a Break. Maybe You Need One, Too?
Todd Barriage on Taking a Break. Maybe You Need One, Too?

Todd Barriage is a regular on the Bandhive Podcast – and for good reason.

When Todd first came on the show, we talked about the grind, and how everyone needed to do it.

Then our opinions shifted and we both drifted away from the grind. Recently, Todd stopped observing a schedule for his releases and switched entirely to a “when I feel like it” model.

Who could be a more fitting guest to have on when I announce the podcast going on hiatus? I couldn’t think of anyone better!

Listen now to learn how Todd maintains a healthy work/life balance, while keeping his fans and followers happy and engaged!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Todd isn’t afraid to start from scratch on his recordings
  • The power of quality over quantity
  • The end of the Bandhive Podcast is nigh
  • Avoiding burnout to create better art
  • Knowing when to take a break
  • Keeping funds flowing when you take a break
  • Why the latest videos Todd released are outperforming every other video he released
  • What’s next for Todd

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