Episode art: How to Beat Spotify's 1,000 Annual Streams Threshold
How to Beat Spotify's 1,000 Annual Streams Threshold

The internet is in outrage over Spotify’s endless war on independent artists – or, at least, that’s the accusation.

But, taking a step back and viewing the change with a lens of reason, it’s clear that this isn’t Spotify trying to rip off smaller artists.

In fact, it’s a change that will benefit any artist who puts in even a modicum of effort for their music. The cutoff equates to roughly $4 a year, and if you aren’t earning that much I’ll be honest… You aren’t really trying.

Listen now to learn why Spotify’s latest change isn’t going to hurt artists, and how you can be sure to hit the payout threshold consistently!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Spotify’s royalty change doesn’t matter
  • How the royalty redistribution helps legitimate artists
  • Promoting your song to get traction and plays
  • Using playlists to boost your song and train Spotify’s algorithm
  • Spending time on the things that matter, rather than complaining
  • How to get legitimate plays on Spotify

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