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From Self-producing Artist to Full-time Producer: Todd Barriage of Theatria

Self-producing is a tricky minefield to navigate – if you don’t do it just right, your end result won’t be great.

But, self-producing is also an avenue to becoming a full-time producer and making a living from creativity, which is exactly what Todd Barriage of Theatria is on the show to talk about.

Not only does Todd self-produce Theatria’s music, he also works with artists from all over Canada (and the rest of the world) to craft stellar-sounding music that artists can be proud of.

Listen now to learn how you can become a better producer for your own music, as well as go full time in a creative field!

What you’ll learn:

  • How being a producer is a benefit for songwriting
  • Why self-awareness is key to being a modern artist
  • How to become a full-time creative and ditch your day job
  • Why you need to dive in 100% and do the thing
  • How to learn production techniques without spending a ton of money
  • How to get more video videos for your band
  • Why creative merch ideas gain traction
  • How self-producing affects band dynamics
  • How you can stay relevant on social media
  • What you can do to make recording sessions as productive as possible


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