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Releasing a Song Every Week: Todd Barriage of Theatria

Do you release a new song every month, all year long? Probably not.

We’ve all heard that’s what an artist has to do to become “successful” these days, but so few end up following through and actually releasing music that frequently.

But some artists take it to the next level – Todd Barriage of Theatria, who we spoke with on episode 81, has been releasing songs weekly for the past four months.

Listen now to learn how you can shift into the right mindset to forge ahead to release a new song at least once a month!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to give a concise and clear explanation of what you do
  • How you can record a great sounding track in two days
  • What to do when the universe sucker punches you in the face
  • When it’s ok to release “YouTube quality” music
  • Where you can find inspiration in non-traditional sources
  • Why it’s important to push forward quickly, before fear sets in
  • How to balance quality and quantity
  • How you can write a song in four hours
  • Why your “aesthetic” doesn’t always matter

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Todd Barriage


 – “Daddy Issues”

 – “It Could Be Worse”

Borland Studio

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@toddbarriage on Instagram

Todd Barriage on YouTube

 – AFI – All Hallow's EP but it's got screaming

 – ‘I'm Not Okay’ 9-song mashup (My Chemical Romance Cover)

 – Blitzkrieg Bop but it's You Are A Pirate

 – Benis

 – If Blink-182 Wrote ‘A Thousand Miles' by Vanessa Carlton

 – If Blink-182 Wrote ‘There She Goes' (The La’s / Sixpence Cover)

 – If Blink 182 Wrote ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth

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Music and Creatives

Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby”

Ice Nine Kills

The All-American Rejects

 – “Swing Swing”

Backstreet Boys – “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

Attila – About That Life

Fred Durst


Vanessa Carlton – “A Thousand Miles”

Alex Melton

My Chemical Romance

 – “Helena”

 – “The Ghost of You”

Gerard Way

Hawthorne Heights

Senses Fail

 – Let It Enfold You

Buddy Nielsen


 – Self Pity

Davey Havok

The Used

 – Lies for the Liars

 – “A Box Full of Sharp Objects”

 – “Buried Myself Alive”

Fall Out Boy – “Sugar We’re Goin Down”

Lou Bega – “Mambo No. 5”

We The Kings – “Check Yes Juliet”

Red Hot Chili Peppers

 – Mother’s Milk

 – Blood Sugar Sex Magik

 – Stadium Arcadium

 – “Soul to Squeeze”

 – “Pretty Little Ditty”

Rick Rubin

Dave Matthews

The Mars Volta

Crazy Town – “Butterfly”

Frank Zappa

Coheed and Cambria

Taking Back Sunday – “MakeDamnSure”

The Plot In You

 – “Crows”

Edgar Allan Poe


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