Episode art: SubmitHub Updates, Improvements, and the Philosophy Behind the Platform | Jason Grishkoff, Founder of SubmitHub
SubmitHub Updates, Improvements, and the Philosophy Behind the Platform | Jason Grishkoff, Founder of SubmitHub

When it comes to promoting your music, one of your first thoughts is likely to be “I’ll try SubmitHub!”, or alternatively, “SubmitHub is a scam.”

If you’re in the first group, you’ll enjoy hearing about the updates SubmitHub is making to improve the platform – or if you’re in the second, be ready to learn about the core of the platform and what the real goal of the site is.

Listen now to hear from Jason Grishkoff, founder of SubmitHub, on how and why artists should use the platform and the big changes that have taken place on SubmitHub recently.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Jason started SubmitHub
  • Building the core of SubmitHub to solve a specific problem
  • What’s new at SubmitHub
  • Advantages of using the new SubmitHub Marketplace
  • How SubmitHub is improving the experience of their users
  • Why premium submissions are worth it
  • The long tail of playlisting
  • How the wrong playlists can mess up your Spotify profile
  • Harnessing the power of internet marketing to grow your career
  • Why SubmitHub is the best in the game

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