SubmitHub Success Strategies | Steve Martin of Ascending Everest

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SubmitHub is a wonderful tool to send your music to bloggers, Spotify and YouTube playlisters, social media influencers, and even record labels…

But, when you’re sending your music to people who’ve never heard it before, there’s bound to be some rejection…

So how can you 1. Prepare yourself for that rejection and 2. Increase your odds of being approved?

In this episode of the Bandhive Podcast, hear Steve Martin (Ascending Everest) discuss his top tips for a successful SubmitHub campaign!

What you’ll learn:

  • How SubmitHub helps artists connect with curators and influencers
  • What you can do to get better results from SubmitHub campaigns
  • How you can select the proper blogs, playlists, or influencers to submit to
  • Why you should start your campaigns small, and then expand from there
  • How SubmitHub should tie into your broader marketing strategy
  • How to choose which tracks should be submitted
  • How a quick pitch affects your submissions
  • Why having a properly set up profile is important to submissions
  • How one simple trick will let you target your submissions more effectively
  • What top mistakes users make on SubmitHub – and how you can avoid them

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