SubmitHub: The Founder's Perspective | With Jason Grishkoff

A few weeks ago, Steve Martin of Ascending Everest shared his insights as an artist using SubmitHub to get his songs shared by curators around the world…

This week, SubmitHub founder Jason Grishkoff dives into how and why he launched SubmitHub back in 2015 – and the reason may surprise you.

Over the years, Jason has turned a one-man operation into a business that’s used by thousands of artists, publicists, labels, and of course curators.

Listen now to learn more about the history of SubmitHub, where it’s headed in the future, and how you can get creative to make your submissions stand out!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Jason launched SubmitHub – and how that affects the direction of the site
  • How SubmitHub maintains the balance between artists and curators
  • Why setting expectations is a key part of SubmitHub’s model
  • How word of mouth keeps artists’ expectations of SubmitHub realistic
  • Why curators and influencers have different goals for sharing your music
  • What the future holds for SubmitHub
  • Why Jason prefers a small team over a large company
  • How Jason went from working for Google, to losing $180,000, to launching SubmitHub
  • Why Jason almost approved a creative and unique submission, even though he didn’t like the song
  • How to get started on SubmitHub

Listen now!

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