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Why You Aren't Getting Approved on SubmitHub

SubmitHub is one of the most divisive topics among musicians… Some love it, some are ambivalent, and others hate it.

I happen to fall on the “love it” side – not only because I recognize its value as a promotional tool in any artist's toolbelt, but also because I understand how to use the platform and can often get above-average results when running a SubmitHub campaign.

Most artists who dislike SubmitHub are unhappy because their music was rejected. Fortunately, that’s typically not SubmitHub’s fault. It’s a classic case of shooting the messenger.

You see, if these artists took the time to learn how to use the tool that is SubmitHub, they would experience better results on their campaigns.

If you want to improve your SubmitHub results, this episode is for you. Listen now to learn how to get higher approval rates on your next submission!

What you’ll learn:

  • How the new changes to SubmitHub affect your submissions
  • Why you aren’t getting approved on SubmitHub
  • The most common mistakes artists make on SubmitHub
  • Choosing the right blogs and playlists to submit to
  • The right way to handle feedback on SubmitHub
  • How to submit on SubmitHub
  • How to get more SubmitHub approvals
  • Standard vs. premium credits on SubmitHub

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