Why Quality Over Quantity Isn't Always True

“Quality over quantity” is a phrase we’ve all heard at one time or another. But what does it really mean?

Hearing that saying over and over has caused people to give up on their dreams because not every song they write is great.

But really what it means is that you should only release your best work – that doesn’t mean everything you create will be gold. Many major artists write 50-100 songs for every album they release, working out which songs are the best and letting the world hear those.

Listen now to dive deep into the myths and truths of “quality over quantity” so you can put out better products, get (and keep) more fans, and feel confident in your work!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why creating a great first impression is key for your long-term success
  • How you can catch a listeners’ attention by starting your singles the right way
  • Why guitarists like Slash and Synyster Gates are more well-known than guitar legends John Pettruci, Steve Vai, or Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Why you shouldn’t have a guitar solo in every song
  • Why cutting corners on your products is bad for your band
  • How quality vs. quantity plays into your merch sales
  • Why unique merch is easy to sell
  • Why quantity is key when writing songs
  • Why even when you’ve written thousands of songs, there will still be songs you scrap

Listen now!

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