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Using Standard Operating Procedures to Improve Your Band on All Fronts

It's hard to keep your band organized and on track, especially when everyone is busy with their own lives. 

You're not alone! Most bands struggle with inconsistent releases and a lack of organization, leading to thoughts like, “how did we do this last time?” and, “what’s the next step?”

In this episode I explain how you can make consistency a priority for your band, resulting in less work and faster release schedules, which will keep your fans happy!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why people like predictable schedules
  • How to create consistency for your band
  • Social media algorithms: they love consistency, too
  • How to grow your band’s TikTok audience
  • Building processes to create consistency
  • Making your life as an artist easier by using Standard Operating Procedures
  • Unlocking flow state as an artist
  • Setting up your band to run itself while you’re on vacation

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