Episode art: The Digital Assets You Need for Your Tour | Robbie Litchfield of Saving Vice
The Digital Assets You Need for Your Tour | Robbie Litchfield of Saving Vice

Let’s say you’re about to head out on your first real tour. Are you using a cohesive, well-branded promotional campaign, or is your tour branding a messy mix of random posters created by the locals in every market?

To really make a dent and turn heads, having a well-defined brand is not an option. That’s why Saving Vice plans out all of their assets in advance and makes it incredibly easy for promoters and venues to use those assets.

Listen now to hear Robbie Litchfield of Saving Vice talk about digital assets, graphic design, and the marketing materials you need for your tour!

P.S. there is some screen sharing in this episode – I’d recommend watching on YouTube if you can!

What you’ll learn:

  • Turning a joke into a real opportunity – it works better than you expect
  • How Saving Vice has recovered from headliners bailing… Three times
  • What kinds of digital assets you need for a tour
  • Creating cohesive assets to promote your shows
  • The benefits of hiring a designer for your graphics
  • Why doing everything yourself is not the path to take
  • The importance of putting business fundamentals in place
  • Keeping track of your to do list to get things done!

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