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How to Stay Positive When a Tour Crumbles Around You | Saving Vice's Incredible Story

Every band fears something going wrong on tour… From promoters screwing you over to a van crash, there are lots of things that can throw a wrench in the works.

Thankfully, most tours only have one major hiccup, if any.

That wasn’t the case for fellow Vermonters, Saving Vice. Not only did their headliner (a rapper) bail on the tour after Saving Vice and their tour-mates Dropout Kings had driven halfway across the country, Saving Vice also had to replace the transmission in their van twice.

Nonetheless, the band stayed positive with their public explanations of what was going on, ran a successful GoFundMe campaign, and salvaged roughly half the tour so they could keep playing the shows as planned once they were back on the road.

Listen now to hear the incredible story from Robbie Litchfield, founding member and guitarist of Saving Vice. This is one you don’t want to miss!

What you’ll learn:

  • The value of staying (publicly) calm when disaster strikes
  • How to handle difficult situations on tour
  • Working hard to live by “the show must go on”
  • Why planning for an emergency fund is vital to your survival
  • Restoring faith in a band’s brand after a streak of canceled shows
  • Why renting a van isn’t always a smart move if your main vehicle is down for the count
  • How to recover from a tour that doesn’t go as planned
  • The importance of planning and being ready for those plans to go off the wall
  • What to look for in the future from Saving Vice

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