The Biggest Mistake Artists Make When Recording an Album

If I asked you what you think the #1 mistake artists make when working on a new release, what would you say?

I have the feeling that you wouldn’t say what I’m thinking of – and you might have done this very thing at one point.

It can be truly make or break for a successful release, so listen now to find out how you can avoid this common mistake!

What you’ll learn:

  • How much of your budget you set aside for marketing
  • Why you need to create a budget before you start the recording process
  • How to pay for your band’s next album
  • How to get a quality end product
  • Why you shouldn’t stretch your budget
  • How to reach your ideal fans
  • Why you should never cut corners on your recording budget
  • How to harness a marketing budget so people actually hear your music

Listen now!

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