Episode art: The Basic Info You NEED to Have to Play Shows
The Basic Info You NEED to Have to Play Shows

For every band, there comes a time when a venue will ask for a stage plot and input list.

If you’re lucky, that will be early on – it means you’re progressing to more professional venues quickly!

It’s important to have this information available, and not only that, your information should be properly organized and well put together. If it’s not, it might be worse than not having any at all!

Listen now to learn more about stage plots, input lists, and why they’re important to have on hand for any show you play!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to have a stage plot and input list prepared for your band
  • The importance of tech rehearsals for your shows
  • Being prepared – pro artists vs. amateur artists
  • Stage directions and stage plots
  • How being prepared for a show helps build relationships with venues
  • Putting on your best show by having good production

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