Episode art: Avoiding Disaster at Your Next Show | Robbie Litchfield of Saving Vice
Avoiding Disaster at Your Next Show | Robbie Litchfield of Saving Vice

When you’re playing shows, there is one key element that sets the amateurs apart from the pros: the advance.

Amateurs will show up entirely unprepared, sometimes even clueless, as to what is being requested if the venue asks for a stage plot and input list.

Professionals will proactively send the necessary information and more to the promoter, venue, and production manager, to ensure the show goes smoothly.

Listen now to learn how Robbie Litchfield of Saving Vice advances shows for his band, and why you should do the same!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why advancing your shows is important
  • Organizing your advance emails
  • What to ask in your advance
  • How to establish a dialog with day of show contacts
  • The importance of making friends with the bartenders at every venue
  • Discussing promotional efforts with the local promoter and local bands
  • Being respectful of venue and promoter guestlists
  • Finagling your way into getting catering
  • Why good songs aren’t enough these days
  • What to include in your advance packet


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Robbie’s list of questions:

  1. PARKING What are the load in/parking instructions? Do we need to pay, and if so how much?
  2. SCHEDULE What are the specific times for load in, sound checks, catering, doors, sets, and venue curfew?
  3. CONTACT Who are the day of show contacts and their respective phone numbers?
  4. CATERING What and where are the catering details?
  5. WATER Could we please get a couple cases of complimentary bottled water for all the performers and crew?
  6. SETTLEMENT How, when, and who will be issuing the payouts? Our W9 and payment information are included in the linked advance folder. (SV likes checks)
  7. FOH Who will be operating FOH for the show, and what is their phone number?
  8. WIFI 
  9. GREEN ROOM Is there a green room for this venue? If so, what are their locations and approximate dimensions?
  10. LOAD IN AND OUT What are the load in instructions for the venue? For example will it take place at the front/left/back/right of the venue?
  11. BACKLINE Will we be able to keep our drums and mix rack on stage following our soundcheck? If not, where should we leave out gear?
  12. LOCALIZED ASSETS Please attach the official show flier plus and other promotional assets which may be helpful. We want to be as helpful as possible in promoting the show. We’ll tag the venue and locals as well. Facebook event pages? Send everything you can.
  13. PRESS/GUESTLIST What is your guest+press/photo list policy? This tour has generated a lot of buzz and our publicist has received a lot of inquiries from press and influencers who would love to come check out the show.
  14. MISCELLANEOUS Anything else important we should know?
  15. DRINK TICKETS/BEVERAGES Are there discounts, drink tickets, etc. for beverages?

Attached with advance materials folder:

  • Bio, logo (hi res white or black .png)
  • Contact info
  • Payout info
  • Promo photo
  • Rider (amenities, food, allergies, etc.)
  • Vehicle info (year, make, model, plate number, trailer size, trailer plate, total length, etc)
  • W9
  • Stage plot


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