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In-Ear Monitoring: A Crash Course | Ruston Fettig of NRVS

More bands than ever before are using backtracks and in-ear monitors than ever before – partly because the negative stigma about click tracks is fading, and partly because IEM rigs are becoming more affordable.

If you’ve ever wondered about getting your band on in-ears rather than clunky old floor wedges, but haven’t quite figured out what you need yet, this episode is for you.

Ruston Fettig of the band NRVS joins me to nerd out about gear and discuss the basics of setting up an in-ear monitoring rack for your band.

Listen now to learn what NRVS has in their rack, and how you can start building your own IEM and playback rig!

What you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of using in-ear monitors
  • What you need for an in-ear rack
  • The budget method of building an IEM system
  • Where to use caution when bringing an IEM system to a show
  • Why some bands can’t play without backing tracks
  • Set up and teardown of your rig at shows
  • The cabless stage setup
  • Where to learn more about in-ear monitoring
  • The pros and cons of IEMs

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