Episode art: Growing Your Fanbase by Nurturing a Community | Ky Farrar of Late 9
Growing Your Fanbase by Nurturing a Community | Ky Farrar of Late 9

Building a community is something we’ve discussed often on the Bandhive Podcast – but Ky Farrar and Late 9 take a slightly different approach.

Instead of funneling all the fans to one platform, they meet their fans where they are – fostering connections on their social media pages rather than behind closed doors.

Ky even became friends with Chris Motionless, and got to perform on stage with Motionless In White, because of his skills at nurturing relationships online.

Listen now to hear Ky share his thoughts on growing a digital fanbase, and how you can do the same!

What you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Ky to start playing music and launch Late 9
  • Using collaborations to grow your digital following
  • Growing a community as an artist
  • Using posts from fans as free content – and showing your appreciation
  • What makes a good song that fans can connect to
  • How being somewhat ambiguous helps fans connect with your lyrics
  • Growing your Spotify Monthly Listeners with organic marketing
  • Building a fan community for a long-lasting career
  • How to end up performing on stage with your favorite band
  • Using social media to nurture relationships

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