Episode art: Emotional Impact: How Sharing the Story Behind Your Songs Can Hook Your Fans
Emotional Impact: How Sharing the Story Behind Your Songs Can Hook Your Fans

You may be tempted to keep the meanings of your songs to yourself, or you could be tempted to tell the world.

Either way, it’s important to relate to your audience so they can understand where you’re coming from and connect to your music – whether it’s their perception or the meaning you shared with them.

Listen now to learn why a connection to your fans is so important for your career, and how you can build and nurture those relationships!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to offer relatable lyrics for your fans
  • How your passion can connect your audience to your music
  • Your job as an artist: manipulating emotions
  • The solidarity of a fanbase and what it means for you
  • Building and nurturing relationships with your fans

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Music and Bands

The Maine

Enter Shikari

 – “Leap into the Lightning”

 – “Arguing With Thermometers”

 – “A Kiss for the Whole World x”

 – “Jailbreak”

 – “Satellites”

 – Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible


Caleb’s speech

 – “Disease”

The Beatles


Linkin Park

 – “In the End”

Chester Bennington

Warped Tour


 – “God Called In Sick Today”


Leland’s (our editor) picks for songs that fans connect to:

Rise Against – “Savior” (Forgiveness/relationships)

Metallica – “Fade to Black” (Suicide)

I Prevail – “Scars” (Owning your scars)

Too Close to Touch – “Sympathy” (Toxic Sympathy)

Rise Against – “Swing Life Away” (Mundane Life and Love)


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