Episode art: To Duet or Not to Du-et, Discussing Collabs and Features
To Duet or Not to Du-et, Discussing Collabs and Features

Today on Bandhive, we dive into one of the most transformative aspects of music: guest features and collaborations. Every artist big or small can benefit from joining forces with another artist for their next release, including you!

Through these connections, both artists can tap into new audiences, create amazing connections, and foster a network of genuine relationships.

But collaborations aren't as simple as just calling up a friend to join a track. We'll be exploring the nuances of choosing the right collaborator, the line between guest spots and co-writing, and how to “make the ask”.

Listen now to learn more about guest features and collaborations, from choosing your collaborator to ensuring your song gets exposure on Spotify.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why collaborations are incredibly important for artists of all sizes
  • Who to look for as a potential collaborator
  • Guest vocals/instrumentals vs. co-writing
  • How guest appearances can benefit larger artists, and vice versa
  • Connecting with your collaborators
  • The reason not to let all your friends have guest spots on your songs
  • How to approach someone for a collab
  • Maintaining professionalism when negotiating with potential collaborators

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