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Getting Your Band Ready for Success: Adam Fiasco of The Fiasco

Many bands want to be appealing to a record label, but don’t know how to get their foot in the door with the right gatekeepers.

The answer is simple, the execution is not: take your business seriously. By really putting in the effort to take your business to new heights, you will naturally catch the attention of label execs and other music industry insiders.

In this episode, Adam Fiasco of The Fiasco joins us to discuss what artists can do to make their band stand out from the crowd and get opportunities that the average act doesn’t. Listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • How learning piano at a young age helped Adam become a better musician
  • What successful artists have in common – and what labels look for
  • How you can grow your audience
  • Why it’s ok not to appeal to everyone
  • How to see if Facebook ads are right for your band
  • How you can get the best ROI for advertising spend
  • Why you should look to other artists for examples on how to interact with fans
  • How to make your merch table an experience for your audience
  • How cold outreach can be done tactfully
  • Why you need to reply to every social media comment

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