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Every Band Should Be on Patreon: Ty Christian of Lords of the Trident

A lot of artists aren’t convinced that using Patreon is the right way to go. They think their fans won’t be willing to support them financially.

But Patreon isn’t just a platform to earn money. It’s also a platform that lets you build a closer relationship with your fans and followers – it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Lords of the Trident has been using Patreon for four years and now has over 300 patrons supporting them on this platform every month. Ty Christian, vocalist and founding member of Lords Of The Trident, joins us today to share his experience and advice with you!

What you’ll learn:

  • How the band got their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Why the band launched their own festival
  • Why merch quality matters
  • How you can get started on Patreon
  • Who should have a Patreon for their band
  • Why every band should be on Patreon
  • How your Patreon grows and changes over time
  • What Patreon rewards are valuable to fans
  • How to create content for your Patreon page
  • How to get advice for setting up your Patreon

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