Episode art: Getting Signed and How to Define
Getting Signed and How to Define “Success” | Jason Davis of One One 7

Bandhive is all about teaching you how to run your DIY band as a business…

But we always say that DIY does not mean do everything yourself. Instead, it’s decide it yourself – making informed decisions about your business while harnessing the power of a team.

For some of you, that might include working with a label, so we’re stoked to have Jason Davis of One One 7 on the podcast this week to discuss how he prepares artists for label deals!

Jason has worked with household names like Boyz II Men, Dolly Parton, Neon Trees, and Jimmy Eat World – you may not know Jason, but you sure know his clients.

Listen now to learn how you can prepare your band for success – whether you want a label deal or not – by using Jason’s tips!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why an important mission is the key to a successful music career
  • Building a team for your DIY band
  • The definition of “success” as a musician
  • Making a case for artists to sign to a label
  • Using live streams on social media to bootstrap your band
  • Just ask: you never know what will happen
  • The importance of great songs
  • Inspiration vs. copying
  • The pros and cons of signing a record deal
  • What to know before signing any record deal

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